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Chronic pain specialist Dr. Alan Siegel practices Interventional Pain Management since 1992.

Chronic Pain Specialist Alan Siegel MDChronic Pain is one of the central medical issues in today’s world.

While there are many methods to treat severe pain, both with medications and with surgery.

All of them have value, but some of the  advantages may be offset by other factors.

Medications most of the time have side effects that can cause damage to the human body.

Some painkillers may cause ulcers and stronger narcotic painkillers may be addictive, and are ineffective in the long run.

On the other hand, surgery carries with it a substantial risk to the patient and may also show of little use with more complex pain of unknown origin.

That’s why we treat chronic pain with a method that provides our patients with effective and quick pain relief.

It does not offer serious side effects and has been tested time and time again to be one of the most patient-friendly treatments of chronic pain: –  Interventional Pain Management.

Interventional Pain Management’s method of treating chronic pain is very systematic:

  • Treatment begins with the identification of the patient’s chronic pain generating areas – such as the spine.
  • Once the problematic area is correctly identified treatment can begin.

The goal in treating chronic pain is to identify the cause of the pain (pain generator) and treat it  with the appropriate  evidence – based non surgical procedure.

Treatments consist of evidence-based injections and nerve block or other minimal invasive procedures that are performed to reduce inflammation, interrupt the pain pathway, and facilitate other non-surgical treatments.

The objective is to restore function and to avoid potential invasive surgery or life-long treatment with pain medications.

We only utilize FDA approved medications and proven minimally invasive procedures targeted at the reduction or elimination of chronic pain.

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